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We are a team of education enthusiasts who specialize in individual classes in science, humanities and foreign languages, thanks to which the teaching methods developed by us help our students achieve amazing results that result in achieving all their dream goals in the future: a well-passed exam, getting into your dream college and university, getting your dream job.

We can conduct our classes both stationary and remotely.

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Is a team of people full of passion for teaching. Thanks to this, we show that science is not just a boring collection of formulas or rules that we have to memorize and then forget about them in the next topics. We prove that everything we see, hear and do teaches us and brings a lot to our lives. In a modern but easy way, we transfer our knowledge and skills and infect them for continuous self-development.

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Do not hesitate, you can be sure that you will achieve your dream result with us. Thanks to the help of the best tutors in the country, you can sleep more peacefully after classes, because we will take care of your preparation plan.

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Online tutoring is not boring lecture. We try to recreate the school-feeling, practical classes, therefore we use a Virtual Whiteboard. Are you afraid you will not have enough time to write down and remember everything? No worries. You can record the entire online session and return to it at any time.

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We offer the stationary classes (at your/our place) or online. All you need to do is call us (we will choose the best tutor for you) or create an account and find a tutor yourself.

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We are the largest company providing individual tutoring in the whole country and operating on the market for 7 years. In our classes, we show that learning does not have to be boring and tedious work. We teach how to understand didactic topics, not how to remember them. As you know, memory can be fleeting. Only through logical thinking you can achieve your success. In this modern way, using new technologies, we prepare our students for future exams and professional life.

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