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CentMat is an innovative academy created by young enthusiasts full of energy. Our mission is to revolutionize the way of teaching in Poland. For this purpose, we have created a team of the best of the best tutors and we constantly help them to develop. If teaching is sense of your live, and our vision is close to your heart, then maybe we are looking for you.

How to join us?

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At first
  • Sharing the knowladge is your passion
  • Math / Scince / IT / Languages / History are no cercets for you?
  • Are you a creative, energetic person ready to act?
  • Are you not afraid of new challenges?
  • Do you feel a strong need to grow and learn?
  • Do you want to be part of the educational revolution in Poland?

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You gain
  • Friendly work atmosphere
  • Employment on attractive terms
  • A schedule tailored to your needs
  • Training in didactics and psychology
  • A large base of didactic materials
  • Substantive support
  • Business equipment and software
  • Support in your development
We require
  • Passion for sharing knowledge
  • A high grade in your field of study at the advanced level or another exam confirming the candidate's skill level
  • Personal culture at a high level
  • Communicativeness and the ability to work with people, especially with youth
  • Willingness to constantly improve and raise your qualifications
  • Commitment and diligence
  • Being a student or graduate of your field of study

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